Dreamstation APAP w/ Humid & Cell Modem

Dreamstation APAP w/ Humid & Cell Modem

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The DreamStation Auto CPAP Machine brings elegance and innovation, while incorporating profound functionality, to surpass the ultimate sleep therapy experience & meet your individual needs. Dream once again! 

Product Features:

• Designed aesthetically to be durable, simple to clean and sanitize, while taking up less space.

• Cell & Wi-Fi options allow you to adapt to your needs, to allow for future innovations.

• Dishwasher safe Humidifier Chambers

• 180-degree swivel hose & Easier to move and transport

• Includes: C-Flex+ & A-Flex, EZ-Start/Auto-Trial/Opti-Start, CPAP-Check, Advanced Event Detection, and Flow-Waveforms.

MPN: DSX500H11